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TeDUB system (Technical Drawings Understandable for the Blind) is a
computer-based tool for visually impaired users, which is capable of
automatically analyzing, handling and presenting the visual data in technical

On this website you will find more information about
using the TeDUB system with UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams.
UML helps to specify, visualize and document models or software systems
and in recent years UML has become increasingly popular in the IT world as it
allows different people to communicate with a shared language.

The TeDUB project has designed software which for the first time allows
people with visual impairments to work with UML diagrams. We hope that this will
help visually impaired programmers throughout Europe to take a more active part
in UML based activities.

more background information about UML diagrams, please look in the UML section.

TeDUB system provides users with a special interface to navigate and annotate these
UML diagrams via
a number of input and output devices such as the standard computer keyboard,
sounds and a joystick.


The system is fairly easy to operate. On this
website the TeDUB software is available to download. In addition, there is a
series of short tutorials, which can be used for learning
how to read the different types of UML diagrams with the TeDUB system. By installing the software on your computer you can
try out the system at home, at college or at work.

TeDUB system has been developed over the last 2 years with  the active involvement of visually impaired users in several
countries.  We are now keen to get
more general feedback about the system, and we would like to ask you to download
the software and let us know your opinions. There is an on-line questionnaire
which will only take a few minutes to complete.

We are also conducting several training sessions and workshops in the
Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Italy. If you, or your organisation, would
like to become involved, please let is know directly.

TeDUB software has been developed by the TeDUB
and funded by the IST
framework of the European Commission.